Police body cam shows assemblywoman’s arrest for DWI

A state assemblywoman is shown cursing police during her DWI arrest earlier this year. If you have been involved in a DWI arrest, even if you are innocent or not, then it might be a good idea to get yourself a lawyer from someone like this Cannon Law Firm.
The footage obtained by The Trentonian was taken after Republican Assemblywoman Maria Rodriguez-Gregg — whose district includes Hammonton — was rear-ended in Mount Laurel on April 28.
The video begins with Rodriguez-Gregg apologizing and expressing frustration at being rear-ended by “(expletives) who can’t drive… to be drunken (expletives).”
She then becomes angry when the officer asks about the smell of marijuana in her vehicle. She insists that she had smoked cigars at a Morristown event and says her car can be searched.
But after the officer — who at one point indicates he under field training instruction — returns from checking with another officer, she then says she will not consent.
“I don’t trust you until my lawyer is here,” she says.
The other officer, citing case law, tells her as long as they smell marijuana, they have the right to search her vehicle. Nothing is found.
“Exactly,” she screams. “Nothing there.”
Rodriguez-Gregg begins crying, telling them, “You’re dealing with a sitting assemblywoman. Everyone’s going to know about this (expletive).”
She indicates she is on the phone with her lawyer.
“I have been one of your number 1 supporters politically,” she tells them before calling cursing them and accuses them of “harassing a Latino female.”
After refusing a field sobriety test, Rodriguez-Gregg is arrested.
A blood test later indicated alcohol in her system, but on the borderline for a DWI case, her lawyer told The Trentonian. He indicated he will move to have that suppressed.
The paper posted a video on their YouTube channel. It is edited for length but not language.


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