N.J. license plates would let loved ones honor fallen officers, firefighters

Family members of fallen police officers and firefighters could soon have license plates commemorating them.
Legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Joe Howarth, R-Burlington, passed the Law and Public Safety Committee unanimously Thursday.
The tags would be funded through donations from individuals, corporations or organizations and would come and no cost to the family members who apply.
“Our police and firefighters put their lives in danger every day, not because it’s a job, but because it’s a calling,” Howarth said. “Knowing the risks, these heroes chose to serve and protect the public at all cost. If they are lost in the line of duty, family members are left to cope with the pain and hardship.”
New Jersey joins a growing list of states introducing special tags recognizing the families of police and firefighters killed in the line of duty.
Howarth was inspired to sponsor the bill by
Long Beach Township Police Officer Gerald Traynor inspired Howarth to sponsor the bill. Traynor’s father, a Philadelphia police officer, died in the line of duty 30 years ago..
“The license plates are recognition to the survivors that they are still a part of the law enforcement family and community,” Traynor said.
He called the license plates sacrosanct in other states and said they act as a reminder to law enforcement to reach out to family members of fallen police and firefighters to make sure they keep a connection.
“It’s a reminder to people that are driving by and see a license plate that the news story doesn’t end when the officer is killed,” he said. “There are still survivors out there that are living and trying to move on.”

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