Key witness in Kauffman case is Pagan who made a deal

That’s the nicest word Andrew Glick’s former Pagan Motorcycle Club mates have to say about him.
The Egg Harbor Township man outed himself as a key witness in the state’s April Kauffman case in an interview with the Toronto Star published Thursday.
But it’s not news to the Pagans, or anyone who has seen the paperwork in the case.
 BreakingAC - Ethical Reporting - ReporterGlick — who was known as Chef — is the only name in the affidavits released by the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office that isn’t either dead or charged.
It’s a brief mention: Just his name as the first in a list of three Pagan members under Ferdinand Augello, the man accused of arranging the hit on April Kauffman. The others listed — Glenn Seeler and Paul Pagano — are charged in the drug ring.
Glick, however, is curiously missing from any other public mention in the case beyond that.
Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner did not return a request seeking comment.
In laying out the case after the arrests in January, Tyner painted a picture of Dr. James Kauffman as the leader of a drug ring along with Augello, who would send associates to the doctor’s Egg Harbor Township office for Oxycontin prescriptions. The pills would then be sold on the street.
Kauffman put a hit out on his wife of 10 years after she threatened to out the illegal enterprise, according to the charges. And Glick was one of those he turned to.
“The doc kept complaining, ‘Why is it taking so long?’” Glick told the Toronto Star. “I said, ‘We’re working on it. It’s not like there is a store where we can go hire hitmen to kill women.’”
The veterans advocate and local radio host was fatally shot inside her home May 10, 2012.
Her killer was Frank Mulholland, Tyner has said. He died of a heroin overdose the next year.
James Kauffman committed suicide in a Hudson County jail cell in January.
Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello is the only person left charged at this time in April Kauffman’s killing. He is accused of setting up the hit on her along with planning to kill the doctor worried he would talk in jail. Glick is said to have captured some of that on tape while wearing a wire.
Turning on his former club, Glick told the Toronto Star, is something he never thought he would do. But then, he was arrested on drug and gun charges for which he was facing 40 years.
But Pagano’s attorney said it was expected.
“No surprise at all,” he said. “Rats are born, not created.”
Glick was a longtime member and leader in the club, having been president of the Cape May County chapter before moving to Atlantic County. He is currently an Egg Harbor Township resident.

 BreakingAC - Ethical Reporting - Reporter

Court records show Glick was arrested Nov. 2, on drug charges. There is nothing in the Atlantic County Superior Court’s computer system about weapons charges.
In the four months since his arrest, he has not been indicted and each court date has been postponed. His attorney would not comment.
A search warrant on his black Chevy Silverado obtained by BreakingAC shows police found more than $30,000 along with photos of Glick and Pagans inside a soft black briefcase.
There was also miscellaneous bank paperwork.
It makes no mention of drugs or guns. But it is signed by a member of the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office Gangs, Guns and Narcotics Unit.
Glick’s nickname comes from his profession, as a chef.
In a video posted last year, he talks about his work as executive chef at The Shores of the United Methodist Communities in Ocean City.
He talks about his “knowledgeable staff” and his favorite meal: crab cakes.
Glick has a court date set for next month, but as with previous ones, that is expected to get postponed again.




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