Police respond to large fight at Hamilton Mall

 BreakingAC - Ethical Reporting - Reporter



The Hamilton Mall closed early after a large fight broke out Saturday night.
There were dozens of teens involved in the melee that started in the food court, witnesses said.
“A huge fight it was insane,” said John Snyder, who went live on Facebook from outside the mall after he and his family got out.
He estimated 100 to 200 were involved.
“Kids were running from everywhere,” Snyder told BreakingAC. “Stores were hurrying to close their doors.”
Christine Vint Miller was inside when she saw panic.
“Every cage went down for every store and security guards were telling me that I was going in the wrong direction, and they were visibly scared,” she wrote in a Facebook post that she shared with BreakingAC.
Vint Miller kept telling them she had to get to her daughter and friends.
Then she found them, watching from the second floor as police came in and took teens out, she said.
“Outside, the ambulances and police were endless,” she continued.
Tables and chairs were thrown, Snyder said. Kids got pepper-sprayed fighting back with cops.
Police have not yet commented on what happened.
Snyder, who was there with his children ages 4 and 5 said he tried to get out quickly. But said an officer escorted them out.

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