Ex-Pagan will stay jailed for alleged witness tampering in Kauffman case

A former Pagan’s Facebook rants could land him in prison for the rest of his life, a judge said Friday in denying his release.
John Kachbalian — known in his circle as “The Egyptian” — is charged with witness tampering and cyber-bullying for posts about those who have taken plea deals in the Kauffman murder and racketeering case, and agreed to testify against fellow Pagan, Ferdinand “Freddy”Augello.
Posts included the state’s witness list, calling it the “Rat Roster,” and telling those reading that it was just there so they knew to be careful.
But such posts were meant to intimidate, Chief Assistant Prosecutor Seth Levy alleged.
DeLury said they were a “clarion call” to other Pagans and their supporters to deal with those “rats” who would come out against Augello.
The posts include a photo of a naked woman taken from the back. While he doesn’t name her, it has been confirmed to be Augello’s former wife, Beverly Augello, who had pleaded guilty to a drug charge in the case, and agreed to testify against her former husband.
“Guess which ‘Lying Rat’ this is,” he wrote. “Hint, this (expletive) while out on bail for Murder Conspiracy and Drug Racketeering Case and after she agreed to snitch on her ex-husband, got arrested in April for cocaine, but through the help of her handlers at ACPO & FBI no mention in local news. In and out of confinement nice and quite. Even the one sided judge had no issue with her bail. Street justice at it’s best.”
Kachbalian’s attorneys argued that he is very sick, and would be better off home, even if it meant taking away his access to social media.
But his health could be a reason the judge used not to release him.
“This defendant could potentially spend the rest of life in prison,” DeLury said.
The witness-tampering charge was made first-degree because the case is under the No Early Release Act, the judge explained.
That carries a possible 20-year sentence for the 56-year-old man with 10 years of parole ineligibility.
The public safety assessment, which grades a defendant’s risk under bail reform, recommended release for Kachbalian.
But DeLury said the PSA is just a tool, and that it doesn’t take the potential sentence into account.
Kachbalian did serve a lengthy federal prison term back in the 1980s as part of a RICO case.

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