EHC man already serving life for murder gets 116 years on drug, gun charges

An Egg Harbor City man already serving a life term for murder was sentenced to 116 additional years on drug and gun charges last week.
Rafael Olmo, 35, would have to serve at least 47½ of those years before being eligible for parole because he faced extended terms due to his criminal history.
The jury that convicted Olmo on those charges was unable to decide his guilt in the Dec. 2, 2010, killing of Leandro Rodriguez in Galloway Township.
They hung on several counts, including armed robbery and murder.
Olmo could face another trial on those charges along with open charges of bribery and witness tampering from 2015, after he was incarcerated.
Attorney Ed Weinstock defended Olmo without his client present.
Olmo chose not to attend either his sentencing nor his trial, and instead remained in New Jersey State Prison, where he is serving a life sentence for paying to murder a witness to a deadly 2009 shootout.
Deanna Downs was found dead Oct. 16, 2010, after Olmo offered $25,000 to have her killed after the mother of two went to police about a 2009 shootout at her Harbor City Apartments complex that left 30-year-old Sandy Thomas dead and his cousin wounded.
No one has ever been charged in Thomas’ killing.

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