Security guard pepper sprayed in A.C. McDonald’s fight caught on video


Video of a fight at the McDonald’s in Atlantic City showing a security guard being pepper has garnered a lot of views — and a clear shot of those involved.
Security guard Tony Algarin said it appeared an employee at the restaurant on Arkansas Avenue had a previous issue with one of the employees.
“I tried to step in between and intervene in the attack on the employees while, at the same time, trying to call the cops, which is my job,” Algarin — who also goes by Peter Dare-Gentile — told BreakingAC.
Police were called to the McDonald’s on Arkansas Avenue early Saturday morning, Sgt. Kevin Fair confirmed.
The video shows a fight already in progress, with two the girls already behind the counter. A woman is heard yelling, “Call security,” several times.
One of the women gets on the counter as another throws things toward the entryway where Algarin is seen coming out.
The woman on the counter sprays him with pepper spray and Algarin ducks as it hits him.
She sprays again as he comes back in.
The woman is seen shaking the canister, then turns to the crowd, and appears to slip off of the counter.
She also sprayed several other employees, Algarin said.

“I’ve never been maced before,” said Algarin, 28. “It sucked and it burned but I knew I had to finish my job.”
It appears on the video that there are four women and a man involved.
When the group runs out, they run right toward the person shooting video, giving a clear view of each. The video was shared with police who responded.
“It all happened within a split second,” Algarin said. “I tell people all the time that you can’t ever plan or train for events that happen that fast and unexpected and you just have to try to keep professional and just do your job the best of your ability.”
It was just Algarin’s second day assigned to that McDonald’s. He has worked security at Borgata events and various clubs.
“It’s sad that you try to work hard and make an honest living like everyone else and this is the kind disrespect you have to go through,” he said.
Algarin said he may want to become a police officer someday, but not in his hometown of Atlantic City.
“I just hope that events like this don’t happen anymore so innocent people don’t get hurt,” he said. “It’s not hard to just act accordingly.”
No complaints have yet been filed in the incident, Fair said.
The investigation is ongoing.

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