New adventure in storytelling for BreakingAC

BreakingAC is going on an adventure starting Wednesday that will look at new ways to cover the community and the people in it.
We’ve been awarded a Restorative Narrative Fellowship from ivoh — Images & Voices of Hope — that will help cover Atlantic City in a different way, focusing on how people come back after the violence and how their lives are impacted.

The Restorative Narrative genre is a strengths-based approach to telling the deeper stories of people and communities experiencing adversity — such as a school shooting or natural disaster, or systemic barriers like poverty — and tapping into their strength and resilience to cope and grow.
It is also described as “stories with soul,” meant to capture the realities of those working to reclaim or rebuild their lives.
ivoh launched the Restorative Narrative Fellowship in 2015 to provide the space, mentoring and funding for journalists, live storytellers, gamers and documentary filmmakers to take a deeper dive into stories of resilience and recovery.
BreakingAC is proud to be among those joining. We look forward to bringing our readers along on this new endeavor.

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