Public information officer is on Atlantic City’s wish list

Atlantic City could soon be getting a public information officer to release information to the media.
The city leadership garnered attention with a memo the mayor’s office sent to employees telling them not to speak on behalf of the city.
The memo included union representatives.
This raised questions among those leaders, whose position includes speaking on behalf of employees.
“The memo does not prevent union reps from speaking about union-related matters,” mayoral Chief of Staff Maisha Moore told BreakingAC. “Rather, the memo states that union members should not be speaking with the press about matters unrelated to their official union responsibilities.”
“The memo issued by the Mayor’s Office earlier this week reiterated a pre-existing city policy that has been in place and that previous city administrations have also used,” Department of Community Affairs spokeswoman Lisa Ryan said when asked about the memo.  “Additionally, the protocol outlined in the memo is common practice across government.”
She said union representatives can speak on issues that interests their union and members, but that the memo was addressing those speaking on behalf of the city without clearing it with the administration first.
“DCA believes it is important for the city to speak with one voice as it relates to city initiatives and operations,” she said.
That one voice could soon be in the form of a public information officer.
“As the city begins to stabilize and rebuild itself from years of significant financial distress, we recognize the need for a public information officer to serve as a contact for members of the press,” Moore said.
Ryan confirmed that “the city has brought to our attention the need for a public information officer. It is certainly on our list of things to consider.”

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