Alpacas get loose in EHT, cows follow

Fie alpacas and three cows escaped their pen in Egg Harbor Township, causing some interesting animal spottings late Friday morning.
Officers were called to the 3000 block of Tremont Avenue in the township’s Cardiff section just before 11 a.m., Lt. Michael Finnerty said.
With the help of owner Heather Allie Cooper, they were able to get the animals to go home.

“A back gate was left unlocked and they got curious,” Cooper said on a photo posted to ScanAtlanticCity’s Facebook page of the five alpacas taken by resident Phyllis Palmerino, who mistook them for llamas.
“Then the cattle got out and thought all that pretty grass on the power lines that no one ever mows looks delicious!” she wrote.
“I pretty much had to do a double take,” resident Lauren Erdman told BreakingAC when she saw the first group. “I was very surprised to see five alpacas running down the street.”

 BreakingAC - Ethical Reporting - Reporter
Photo by Lauren Erdman

Erdman captured the happy ending as Cooper lured her escapees back home.
“Good things they’re all good babies and follow easily,” Cooper wrote.
The photos and scene captured so much attention, Egg Harbor Township police put out a release on the incident.
It appears the unruly animals escaped with a warning.

 BreakingAC - Ethical Reporting - Reporter

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